Support Literacy at Elysian Heights Elementary

Wondering what happened to the person who used to sit in the library at school?  The staff person who 

  • help our kids find books
  • give aide to teachers, and
  • order new books for the the school

Well, its been more than a year since LAUSD cut funding for Library Aides all over the district, and if we want our library to once again thrive and get kids excited about reading,


Event proceeds will go to support the EHES Literacy Program.  This program holds one of the most critical educational goals as its mantra . . . turning our students into life-long learners through reading.   We are working against the trend found by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) that reports a huge decline in the daily reading among Americans (2007).  This trend is occurring despite the recognized positive links between reading ability and future economic success. Life-long learners will find that reading “literature awakens, enlarges, enhances and refines our humanity in a way that almost nothing else can” according to Dana Gioia, Chair of the NEA.

More event information and tickets are available  or by emailing us at


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